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Spring Smile

Spring is here and the occasional sign of sunny weather, the flowers offer a new pop of colour and hearing the birds chirping away is definitely making all of us smile here at BCP! Including the four-legged guests! Therefore, why not ensure they have a stunning smile too and become the talk of the town for owning the dog with the cleanest teeth!

This month, our team are all undergoing training in Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic dog teeth cleaning and we can’t wait to offer our services to you all.

What is ultrasonic teeth cleaning? 

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a process that uses ultrasonic waves to soften the tartar and plaque build up, whilst killing bacteria. This means that the toothbrush functions differently from the traditional manual, electric and basic sonic brushes, as it uses mechanical friction and instead of using a ‘grinding’ or ‘brushing’ process. This is completely harmless to both humans and animals and the positive effects and safety has been proven and confirmed by dentists and veterinarians.   Our ultrasonic toothbrush is used with a special enzyme paste which combines to loosen plaque and tartar build up.  We then use a tool to gently losen and flick off the softened plaque and tartar. Over a course of several treatments and with good after care, this process is very successful in providing improved oral health, fresher breath and promotes healthy gums.

How does the ultrasonic toothbrush work? 

The toothbrush releases 96,000,000 ultrasonic sound waves which are generated every minute by a special chip in the brush head. The waves are then transmitted from the bristles of the brush to the specialist toothpaste, which then creates micro-bubbles. The ultrasonic waves break down these micro-bubbles (too small to see with the naked eye) and this creates a suction effect that helps to removes the biofilm and losens the plaque and tartar from the teeth.  The waves are also able to penetrate 12mm deep, meaning that it can even reach the gaps between teeth and up into the gums.  Ultrasonic sound waves kill any nasty bacteria which are present in the mouth, and this results in fresher breath, whereas other brushes just move the bacteria around the mouth.

Will my dog like this type of teeth cleaning? 

The best part about ultrasonic teeth cleaning is that the brush has no movement or sound! We simply hold the brush against the tooth to soften the plaque and tartar and then carefully flick off the loose bits with special tools. The frequency is so high, working at 1600 KhZ that not even dolphins or porpoises, which have the highest known ultrasound hearing limit, can hear this brush! Dogs upper hearing range is 45 kHz. If it wasn’t for the little green light to show that its on, you wouldn’t even know!

Therefore most dogs are much more excepting of this style of teeth cleaning. Of course, there are some dogs that still don’t like us inspecting their teeth or opening their mouths,  this is why we do require your dog to have a consultation prior to treatment so that we can ensure you’re dog is happy with the process and gets used to the treatment.

During the initial consultation we conduct a thorough check of your dogs teeth. If we find that your dogs teeth are in a very poor condition (and this can be affected by their breed, age and diet), we may recommend that you first visit the vet to get the go-ahead for treatment or to resolve major dental issues. Please know this is a preventative treatment and not a curative treatment so it is always best to seek veterinary attention if we are at all unsure.

How long will the treatments take? 

The initial treatment would take roughly 30 minutes as it includes the consultation and health check that would need to be carried out before undergoing treatment. This is done so that we can ensure your dog is going to be happy with the process and to ensure that they’re are not needing veterinary dental health care. After the initial session, follow up sessions will last for approximately 15 – 20 minutes. This gives us enough time to check the teeth over and given them a thorough clean.

We would normally suggest a series of treatments to remove the tartar buildup and then a maintenance plan thereafter, however each dog tends to be different and require an individual care plan, when we see them we can give you more specific guidance.

The dental treatment can be even more effective if you can continue some activities at home, such as use the enzyme gel on your dog’s gums or add a plaque preventer to either their food or water.

How much does it cost? 

Our initial session and consultation bundle is – £35, this includes a full review of your dogs teeth, a trial session and your own Emma-pet brush head which will be exclusively used for future treatments. If during the consultation, we believe that your dog is not suitable for this treatment, then we will give you vouchers to  the value of  £15 back for use in the shop against at home dental care products, dental sticks or chews.  The rest of the fee covers our time and the cost of the toothbrush head as we have to use a new one for each client.

Subsequent Individual Sessions – £25

5 Session Treatment Pack – £112.50

10 Session Treatment Pack – £200

To purchase your initial consultation or course of treatments please click here.

Our shop and online store also now stocks excellent aftercare products including a selection of dental sticks, fresh breath treats, dental wipes and an enzyme paste which boosts the effectiveness of the treatment. View these online here.


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