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Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Services

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a process that uses ultrasonic waves to soften the tartar and plaque build up, whilst killing bacteria. This means that the toothbrush functions differently from manual, electric and sonic brushes, as it uses ultrasonic friction instead of using a ‘grinding’ or ‘brushing’ process. This is completely harmless to both humans and animals and the positive effects and safety has been proven and confirmed by dentists and veterinarians.   Our ultrasonic toothbrush is used with a special enzyme paste which combines to loosen plaque and tartar build up.  We then use a tool to gently losen and flick off the softened plaque and tartar. Over a course of several treatments and with good after care, this process is very successful in providing long term oral health and promoting healthier gums.

Our initial consultation is required to first allow us to assess your dogs teeth and behaviour to see if they are a suitable candidate for this service.  The consultation will include a dental check and assessment, a trial treatment, a personal Emmi-Pet brush head for your dog and reccomendations for a treatment package.  This will take approximately 30 minutes.

After the initial consultation, you can purchase single sessions or courses.  We will then contact you to schedule them at a time to suit you.  Hotel, day care and grooming clients can also add ultrasonic teeth cleaning sessions to their bookings.