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Dental Bundle

The dental bundle is the perfect Kit to help keep yours dogs teeth clean and healthy at home!

The teeth wipes are an easier alternative to a brush and will keep teeth clean daily. They are easy to use and are designed as finger pockets, making the process quick and simple, helping keep you canine companion relaxed. This also means it is easy to stimulate the gums too, helping keep them healthy.

The plaque powder is a food supplement that is suitable for both cats and dogs. Follow the instructions on the tub and add the correct amount of scoops to  your dog’s meal to help keep control of plaque deposits This supplement is created from hand harvested Irish seaweed and is a rich source of Calcium, Vitamins and minerals. Not only promoting strong and healthy teeth, but it is also fresh breath!

This dental enzyme gel is very effective and works against the plaque and tartar whilst tackling bad breath too. It is made with a patented enzyme system to support natural oral defences, and is designed to stick to the tooth so that it can soften the plaque even if it isn’t brushed onto the teeth.

Finally the oral solution can easily be added to your dogs water. Promoting fresh breath. This is great used alongside the other products.

Buy all of them separately or buy together as the bundle and get a wash bag to keep it all together!