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Sausage Time Subscription

A Bath Country Pets Tradition!

As the clock strikes 3pm in the finest Dogotel in the world, everyone gathers for Sausage Time.  A single, yet exquisitely delicious game sausage is distributed to all guests.  This is a civilised break to stop, take a moment and savour a fine morsel.

You too can continue this tradition at home with our Sausage Time subscription box, which will save you on average 25% on your sausage stash. In addition, you will also benefit from a few extras including sausages for friends, surprise samples, special offers and vouchers.  Our sausages are made here in the UK by Innocent Hound and are pure, air dried protein with no nasties. Mixed game has duck and venison and our sensitive tummy sausages are made with white fish.

  1. Subscribing to a regular box will save you on average 20% or more on the items included and you will always be first to find out about our new products, promotions and cool ideas.
  2. Choose the type of box, either mixed game air dried sausages or tender tummy fish sausages
  3. If you choose a subscription and later change your mind – cancel your order at any time via our website and your online account.  Although please be warned your dog will never ever forgive you!


*Please make sure to select ‘Letterbox’ for the postage on this order

£18.00 / month