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Spring Clean Your Pup Feature – From The Bath House Spa

Spring Cleaning For The Furry Folk!

When Spring arrives we all get the urge to refresh!  

To celebrate the arrival of our new resident groomer, Daisy we are hosting some exclusive Spring Grooming Offers for your niffy pooches 🙂 in need of a Spring Time Spruce Up!

Natural Grooming Products with Essential Oils.

This month, we will be offering complimentary tear stain or ear cleanse treatment with every bath & brush up or full groom booking for the first 10 customers.   

And as an added bonus you will also get to go home with a free BeLoved solid shampoo bar. Overall a saving of £26 with the additional treatment and go home bar! 

We welcome Daisy to our Bath House Spa team,  who was human beauty and massage therapist in her former career and has a particular passion for holistic treatments and aromatherapy. She loves our range of completely natural grooming products and is looking forward to working her magic with essential oils, and botanical ingredients.  Daisy has a wealth of experience in grooming and takes a very caring and gentle approach, which is completely aligned with our values at Bath Country Pets.  We are excited to be able to offer additional treatments and therapies with her expertise.

Why choose Bath Country Pets?

Our grooming services are un-hurried, careful and kind. Whether you need hand stripping, styling and cutting, de-shedding or just a pawdecure our team has 100% focus on making it a positive experience for both dogs and owners. If dogs need ‘time out’ during their spa sessions, that is absolutely okay and we work that into our schedule.

We use 100% natural grooming products, designed for a pets skin and coat for gentle cleaning and added nourishment. With added essential oils, these products are designed to make the experience as relaxing and positive as possible, as our dogs have a heightened senses and absorb their surroundings through smell, taste and touch.

All of this combined creates a positive and happy experience as well as being very beneficial for their skin & coat health. Aromatherapy has also been proven by canine experts to reduce stress. This month is the perfect opportunity to see the benefits of our natural grooming products, as you go home with a free shampoo bar. These bars are such a practical solution to muddy paws and tummy spot washing and we always have a few on hand at the BCP hotel for post walk freshen- ups.

Complementary Ear or Eye Cleansing

What are the benefits of having Eye or Ear cleaning treatments?

Ear & Eye care maintenance is key to keeping the sensitive areas clean and healthy and can help to prevent any potential future issues with good general upkeep. Build up of wax within the ear canal can be difficult to spot, gentle ear cleansing can greatly reduce the risk excessive wax build up and infections, keeping the area soothed and clear. Wax build up can also cause some breeds with pendulous ears to have ear matting, which can be painful to remove and more difficult to clean. Active dogs who are always swimming are also prone to debris and infection in their ear. Regular, gentle ear cleansing can help reduce the risk of painful infections or excessive wax build up. 

Tear stain treatments gently brighten the fur under the eyes, clearing any gunk and gently reducing under eye stains. Bichon Frise, Poodles, Maltese, or mixed breeds with fine, light coats are prone to tear stains and this can sometimes be difficult to maintain. Making sure eyes are clear from build up help prevent any irritations or soreness, keeping the eye clear from staining is also good upkeep of eye health. 

What special offers are available this month?

For the first 10 customers; every Bath & Brush Up or Full Groom booking, will have the added benefit of receiving tear stain or ear cleanse treatment on a complimentary basis and a shampoo bar, on the house!

To claim your free eye cleanse, ear cleanse and your take home solid shampoo bar, simply book your bath and brush up online using the Book Now link above and select your free upgrades on the treatment option list.  Upgrades and free gifts are limited for the first 10 bookings.

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