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Be Clean – Bar Shampoos

Suitable for both dogs and cats, these natural shampoo bars are handmade in England with the finest of ingredients. These bars have been a revelation to us for one particular member of the family who’s favourite pastime is to roll in the gravel and get dusty and grubby as often as possible. They are handy to use and have gorgeous natural essential oil smell rather than a ‘manufactured’ smell.

Be Calm with Goats milk and lavender – is great for nervous dogs.

Be Bug Free with Aloe Vera, Neem Oil and Citronella – is great for insect free fur.

Be Vegan with Hemp and Camomile – is great for sensitive skins.

Be Clean with Green Tea and Tea Tree – is great for tick season.

And if you can’t decide we offer a Be- Set which has six little bars of mixed shampoo scents.