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Lifestyle Blogger #Cotswolds_girl & Side Kick Alfie – Put One Of Our All Leather Slip Leads To The Test

We considered keen cyclist, dog lover and outdoorsy lifestyle blogger Beth (AKA #cotswolds_girl) and her faithful sidekick, Alfie, just the team to put our new all-leather slip leads to the test. Discover their views, ideas and opinions in this product review:

“As part of my product testing project with Bath Country Pets, Alfie and I have had the pleasure of receiving our first item to test from their Christmas Product range. This rolled leather lead is available to buy online or in store for £38.00.

First Impressions

Appearance is very important and Bath Country Pets did not disappoint. It was like Christmas when the box arrived, wrapped up on delicate tissue paper and a protective bag, giving the impression that what lay within was something quite special. The quality of this lead speaks for itself. The material itself feels sturdy but looks smart – a lead that is ideal for those like me, who take their dog everywhere. Whether you are out on a walk ‘around the block’ or taking a trip to the local pub, both of you will look the part.


Slip leads are ideal for when you are out and about; for our first walk on the lead we went to explore our local arboretum. It was great having this lead, as we were continually taking it on and off, whenever needed. This lead would be especially perfect for people with gun dogs, as it’s easy to slip off when your best friend needs to get to work – because all country pets want to look good on the job!

The process of buying leads can be a minefield – a practical option may not be the smartest in appearance and the prettiest lead may also be the most uncomfortable. However, I can assure you this lead did not fall into the category of ‘style over substance’. In fact, neither Alfie nor I felt any noticeable discomfort when Alfie indulged in his habit of enthusiastically lunging to meet other dogs. As the lead is rolled, it doesn’t dig into his neck, and when walking it becomes slack, so he can trot alongside me, rewarded by the featherweight feel of the lead.

For those who have not introduced a slip lead to their dog yet, it will take some time to adjust, as it is a style of lead that discourages your dog from pulling, which is not the easiest trait to tackle, but it is rewarding in the end. Opting for a leather lead, as opposed to a rope lead, offers a better handling experience. Rope slip leads can feel rough and tense in your palm, whereas the leather slip lead eliminates this problem entirely.

Our Final Verdict?

I adore this lead, and after only a short time of having it, I am recommending it to people I know, who are in the market for a new lead. It’s comfortable, practical and beautifully crafted. What more could you ask for in a lead? Happy Alfie; happy Cotswolds’ Girl. This lead speaks for itself and I hope I have done it justice. It’s well worth the investment for a crowd-pleaser that is suited to all applications.”

If you’re inspired by Beth and Alfie and would like a lead just like theirs, they are available in stock; follow this link to select yours.

Rolled Leather Slip Lead – Tan & Black

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