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How your dog sleeps and what is says about their character and mood!

What type of sleeper is your dog? Experts say that their body positions tell us a bit more about their personality.

So.. what type of position does your dog adopt when its nap time and what could it mean? Here is a rundown of the most common sleeping poses and what this says about how your furry family member is feeling.

The Side Sleeper – the most common position! It could suggest they are relaxed & safe in their environment and also have traits of being trusting & loyal.

The ‘Lion’s Pose – a resting pose, which suggests they are ready to jump into play at any given moment! Known to be devoted, protective & ready to play.

The ‘Superman’ Pose – a pose suggesting they are very tired, in deep slumber but ready to rise to the opportunity of play! They usually have traits of being energetic & playful!

Curling Up – this position is a good one to stay cosy & preserve their body temperature. By curling around there vital organs that suggests they also want to protect themselves.

The Cuddler – one of the most adorable ones! A pose where they cuddle amongst a human or fur friend, which shows traits of being affectionate & loving, and also a sign of bonding.

Burrowing – finding them underneath blankets & pillows could mean they are seeking comfort & security. They usually have traits of being extremely affectionate and sometimes a little needy!

Belly Up – this position suggests they are very comfortable, loving & trusting. A very cute pose! They could also be keeping it cool as most heat escapes through their belly & paws!

Back to Back – similar to the cuddler position, apart from facing back to back. This pose suggests a sense of intimacy. They are showing you trust, affection and feel very safe.

Spread Out on a cold surface – this position is directly related to temperature, where they are seeking to cook down and are very sleepy!

So we are keen to see your snaps and let us know what kind of interesting sleepy positions your pets have adopted and which pose they favour….whilst we take a little nap :).

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