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Fancy a Regular Little Treat Delivered Direct To You & Your Canine Companion?

The past year has been difficult and challenging to say the least, and we have all come to realise the importance of the ordinary, everyday things that we once took for granted and that we have really missed – coffee with a friend, meeting up with the family, a pint at the pub or just getting a decent haircut!

During the lockdown, dog ownership has boomed, and those suffering loneliness and isolation have learned to really appreciate the comfort and companionship that a faithful and affectionate pet can bring. Owning a dog also encourages us to get out of doors for fresh air and exercise, which benefits us both physically and mentally, alleviating the constant anxiety that many of us are feeling just now. It’s obviously also essential for our dogs’ wellbeing too!

With shops closed, we have all turned to buy things online, and for many at home, even the supermarket delivery has become the highlight of the week. Better still, is the knock at the door that announces the arrival of the postman or delivery driver with a parcel containing a small treat or luxury item, whether that’s a gift from a kind relative or something you’ve bought yourself, to brighten your day just a bit.

With this in mind, how do you fancy receiving a regular little something in the post that you and your dog can both enjoy in the form of our new fortnightly, monthly, or one-off, 3 monthly or 6 monthly gift subscriptions? You can order these to be sent either directly to you and your dog, or to a dog-loving friend or family member as a gift.


There are several options available to tempt you and to suit dogs of all breeds, ages and inclinations:

A “VIP” Very Important Pup Delivery for Dogs Plus Their Owners

Subscribe to this luxury box of nice surprises for both you and your canine companion to receive by Special Delivery as a one-off or once or twice each month. Each box will be carefully curated with our usual Bath Country Pets’ flair for quality products to entertain and reward you both. Many of these will be locally sourced, as well as being free from unnecessary ingredients, and will include some unusual and novel things you can’t easily find elsewhere.

A “ DPD De Luxe Puppy Delivery” – Especially Aimed At Puppies

This box of delights is specially curated to be perfect for puppies from 8 weeks to a year. It will include tools for teething, treats, toys and activities to enrich their experience, stimulate and develop their young, inquisitive minds and (hopefully) discourage them from destroying the furniture!

A “TNT Treats Not Toys” Box – Containing Lots of Delicious Doggy Delights

This package offers a regular supply of delicious and healthy treats to reward your dog for good behaviour and to help with training and stretching his mind and body, as you have fun together.

You can choose the frequency that your subscription boxes will arrive, and prices start at just £11.00 per fortnight for the TNT box, plus postage. This represents an average discount of 20%, compared with buying the contents individually. You will always receive a mix of treats, a special toy, an enrichment tool or accessory, which will change with the seasons. Also included will be a few surprises, samples, vouchers, and news of promotions, keeping you up to speed with what’s new in the doggy world.

We also offer one-off and 3 or 6 monthly gift subscriptions, which we can send on your behalf to a friend or family member/ proud dog-owner.

More details and prices can be found in our online Little Country Store link but the exact contents of the packages will vary and will include little surprises, offers and samples of new products.

As an extra treat, if you decide to take up one of our regular subscription packages, we’ll include one of our beautifully scented signature Bath Country Pets Boot Room Candles (worth £12.00) in your first delivery, absolutely free of charge! Bath Country Pets – Bath Country Pets – Boot Room Candle – Bath Country Pets


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