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Cats And Kidneys!


Cats are often secret drinkers; that is, it’s not easy to monitor how much they’re drinking, as they don’t necessarily drink water that you put down for them alongside their food, and they are naturally thirst-tolerant animals. And cats being cats, they may prefer to satisfy their thirst from puddles, dripping taps or even your bath!

Contrary to popular myth, milk is not a suitable drink for cats either, as after kittenhood, the enzyme that enables them to digest this disappears from the gut and they become lactose-intolerant and milk can make them quite ill.

Water makes up 80% of a cat’s body and they need to drink enough of it to flush toxins from the body, aid digestion and maintain good health. As they get older, cats are also prone to kidney infections and chronic kidney disease, so trying to make sure they drink enough fresh water and get the correct diet are both very important. And this is where Husse Urinary, a premium complete food for cats, which we stock at Bath Country Pets, comes in.

Husse Urinary is formulated for adult cats (don’t give it to kittens or nursing females) to maintain urinary health by its reduced urinary pH and low magnesium content. It also contains controlled levels of calcium and phosphorus, plus cranberry extract, to keep you cat’s kidneys in good working order and to stimulate their water intake.

As a bonus, Husse Urinary is rich in fatty acids to improve the condition of your cat’s fur and skin, and vitamins A and E to support their immune system. It also contains natural fibre to help prevent hairballs and constipation and substances that promote “good” bacteria in the stomach to aid digestion.

With chicken and salmon oil among the ingredients, we think your cat will like Husse Urinary too. If you can call into our little Country Store or meet us at one of the many shows we attend around the Bath area, we’ll be pleased to supply a sample for puss to try!

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