Joules Harbour Top

The best-loved Joules Harbour Top scaled down and reshaped for your four-legged friend. The perfect treat for any stylish pooch. Please note, dogs come in all different shapes and sizes and can vary greatly in the same breed. Tops are available in the following sizes:

Small – 22 x 0.5 x 35cm long. Will fit most small breeds of dogs including Border Terriers, Shitzu, Small Cockapoos, Small KC Cavalier Spaniels, Pug, Westie, Small French Bulldog, Miniature Snauzher, Boston Terrier.

Medium – 26 x 0.5 x 43cm long. Will fit most medium sized breeds of dogs including Cocker Spaniels, Tibetan Terriers, Shelties, Small Staffies, Cockapoos, KC Cavalier Spaniels, Large French Bulldog, Miniature Bull Terrier.

Large – 29 x 0.5 x 50cm long. Will fit most medium to large size dogs including Labradors, Small Retrievers, Boxers, Pointers, Bearded Collies, Border Collies